Thursday, February 19, 2009

SUIT UP - Custom Playing Cards Show

No Vacancy Gallery 27-33 Red Cape Ln, QV, Melbourne. 13th to 22nd February 2009. (gallery closed on Mondays)

Witness a spectacle of playing card finesse in a show like no other featuring nineteen Australian artists from Street Art, Comic, and Illustration backgrounds. Suit up was formed as a collaboration in the true sense of the word with four artists working together to create a theme for each suit and bringing stylistic cohesion to the deck as a whole. Each artwork is lavishly detailed and stunning in its own right, playing cards have never looked so good.
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SUIT UP - Custom Playing Cards Give Away!!!
See comments section to find out more!

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I checked out this show today, It was amazing! A massive collaboration among heavy weights in the Street Art, Comic, and Illustration world.

Read the interview with the curators of Suit Up at

Stand a chance to win a deck of these limited edition cards via the comments section!


  1. I want some! Where can I buy these?

  2. If you are in Melbourne, Australia, you can buy them at the art gallery at QV. The show will be ending soon, I may grab a few decks & sell them here... I may have another posting about it. We'll see.

  3. Good news readers! I will be giving away a deck of cards for free! Just tell me why you want them with your email at the end (only for those who want to join the contest)& I'll pick a winner! I'll be announcing the winner on the 28th of February.

  4. i would love the gorgeous deck of cards for my own to impress my friends at our next poker night.
    i'm allowed to play with them, right? or do i have to put them in plastic sleeves and not bend the corners?
    let's just say i'd put them to good use. i'm pretty sure they'd bring me luck.


  5. I would love to give these to my art school friend who creates and collects playing cards.

    digitaluddite (at) g mail dot com

  6. I have a gambling problem. I really really really want these.

    Seriously, I will double down, split and royal flush these puppies all over town.


  7. It would be hard to choose between playing with them and framing them! But mostly I think I'd have to fondle them lovingly :)


    dot - at -

  8. i am secretly gambit, the superhero. and I need a new deck of cards to continue my vigilante ways. the x-men are giving me a few days to get a new deck or i lose my membership.

    please think of humankind in your decision-making.

    aka nicole, neykedpikabu (at)

  9. would love to have these to frame on my wall

    brianr (at)

  10. i am crazy about contemporary art. i ma a commercial art student.collecting art pieces is my passion..please please give me those.

  11. Only 4 more days to go till I announce the winner of the Suit Up limited edition deck of cards! If you wanna win it, tell me why!

  12. Thought I'd drop past and say thanks for showing the work :) For those who would like to buy some art the website goes live very soon! I'll let you know.

  13. it's extremely hard to buy cool modern art here in Poland, so it would be nice if I could have this deck in my hands, now I drool over web sites when I want to see some great art. BTW my dream is to open an art gallery in warsaw where I would promote art like that :)

  14. No worries Kat, it is an honour to showcase the art on my blog. I will definitely have another posting to direct people to the website when it goes live!

  15. Hey guys, thanks for the amazing response! Time to announce the winner......drum roll.........

    The winner is nonquiescent aka nicole!

    I loved the way she related it to x-men & gambit is one of my favorite superhero!

    Congrats! I will be emailing you very soon!

  16. Congratulations to Nicole.

    Good News.
    The site is live!


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  18. These cards are really awesome ! I would like to know where is it possible to buy some ? Is it possible thru the internet ? Great job, thanks for sharing !

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